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Don’t be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

~ Richard Bach

Yeah, its already the long breaks for us. Until we meet again.

Its has been  a GORGEOUS, WONDERFUL, THRILLING AND AWESOME experiences that I had gained during this GE2143 Educational Technology and I’m looking forward for the new adventures in the next semester.

May you guys have a great bless and blast from Allah for the upcoming days.

Oh yeah here is the last picture that had been taken during the last class of GE2143 at Computer Lab 1

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch

Till we meet again,

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss


TEN : Encore Encore Encore!

This is an entry for the week 13. It’s almost the end of the of the lecture weeks and within two or less we will all be in the study week an then come the EXAM weeks. Arghhhhh, just thinking about the exam would make me tense and nervous at the same time.

Ok, enough with that. Now, I’ll just go straight to what we have to do in this week. That was really full and busy week for all of us. For this week only, I would have two major presentations need to be delivered. While next week, I gonna have to make a dramatization for our other course. Guess who’s in my drama group?

Its US again…=)

Yes! you guess it rite. Its the SPAQL again except for Asri.

This week for GE2143, we need to presenting our videos for Dr Rosseni and also not to be forgotten our special instructor En Helmi to watch and evaluate our works.

It was a shamed since I can’t make it for the presentation day. Its all because me and Aiman need to attend another college activity at Langkawi. I was truly sorry for that SPAQL =(

Although I can’t make it to the class on that presentation day, I still wanted to share my experiences working on that video. As for my dearest group, we had worked really hard for the two weeks in a row in order to produce a good one. It was really a very long long long two weeks to go through. We spent a lot of our time right after the classes finished every single day. In fact, we did sacrifice our spare time in the night and not to mention the weekend also just to finish off the tasks. Mostly, we did our editing session in the Computer Lab 1 at the faculty or even at the college cafe.

Despite of the stacking of the-awaiting-tasks-to-do from all of the courses, I somehow managed to put it all in a good time management. Its not surprising though for a student to have some kind difficulties in completing his/her assignments rite?

Although I didn’t come for this particular class, I really prayed hard that our group would be able to score a maximum marks. Above all of our efforts and sacrifices that we commit to this task, I think its fair enough for us to get the worthwhile marks.heheheheheh~

Since me and Aiman was not in the class for that day, as according to Qila, Mira’s group went first and then next was our group. I bet that, all of the group members must be really anxious for the comments that will be given by the evaluate -rs. Qila was super nervous as she can’t even focused on the first group video presentation. She kept on messaging me and reporting all the updates.

When it was our group’s turn to present, they really did it well. I just knew right before it that we gonna wow Dr Rosseni & En Helmi with our humble-made video. The comments and feedback that we received from them were pretty excellent. That was a huge huge relief.phew~~

I think all of the hard works had paid off when we saw a smile on Dr Rosseni & En Helmi faces and how they complimenting on our video. According to En Helmi, the video was quite excellent except for the weeny tiny problem which is regarding the sound system. But, all in all it was a good video and worth to watch. According to Qila also, Vanessa’s group also have the great video to watch. I’ve managed to take a look at her group last few week, and mind you the transition effects were really superb. Congratz that group also~hewhew

Alhamdullilah. Praise to Allah for all this great feedback from both of them, Dr Rosseni & En Helmi and not to be forgotten the vigorous clapping that  we received from the audiences.

Now, let me give you a sneak peak of our video:

Here you go. Just scroll it slowly and take a good look ~

the montage. like a pro huh?


Aiman~ the Video-gal

Shuhada~Photoshop freak

Asri~ the Second cameraman

Qila~Video editor

Lokman ~ the other Photoshop-freak

Last but least,

me, Solah ~ the director cum monster of the day

Oh yeah, not to be forgotten…

Qila & Lokman ~ the main actors of the video cum the an script writer.

It was a bless for having a chance to work together as one team with them. I would portray that the whole experiences did not seems like a burden but rather an anticipating adventures. Every single meeting that we had in making this video, we definitely have our great time together. Good job everyone! We really did it! You guys definitely represent one and only word which is AWESOME!


Those in this pix are AWESOME people!


Special thanks to all the group members Qila, Aiman, Shuhada, Lokman and Asri.

Ahah, not to forget, I would like to express my tremendous gratitude to our lovely Dr Rosseni Din,

Waiting for something Dr?

And also to the cool instructor, En Helmi

This is how the pro using the video-cam eh?

And also to Pn Haz, En Faizal and En Yusof.

That’s it for now.

Till we meet again. Goodbye.

NINE : ‘Volver’ Putrajaya

hola amigo, que ha sido un tiempo desde que escribo algo en este blog!

Hahahahahaha, I bet you would have a minor difficulty in understanding what’s the meaning of the above ‘greeting’ isn’t? Its a Spanish fellas.

Well, you can always Google translate it anyway =)

Since now the Euro fever getting really high, I definitely have a strong faith that SPAIN gonna be the ‘juara-lah’ (although I’m certainly not the big fan of football… but Tores, I am fully supporting your team, ahah how’s that sound?)


Lets keep the Euro stuff aside for the time being okeh?

Oh yeah, its not only the greeting I’ve wrote in Spanish, apparently the title of the entry also in the same language.


Now lets get down to the serious business. I promise to tell you more about our second outing at Putrajaya in my previous post. We, the Team SPQAL, decided to revisit Putrajaya for our video making shoots. Obviously, the pictures and the videos that we managed to capture in the last outing with Dr Rosseni and all the Teslian was quite not sufficient enough for us in making a good video. Maybe its because of the time constraint and very limited places that we managed to visit. But its a total OK for us as we did enjoyed the field trip to the max!

So, on 27 of May 2012, we all agreed to rented a car for our video shooting. At first, we really had this huge problem. Since we had the biggest number of group members (which is 6!!), we had the problem in renting the most suitable car that fits us all. Definitely we can afford to rent a normal-size sedan cars like Wira, Myvi and Saga (Kancil and Viva were totally not an option). For heaven sake’s,we need something like MPV or SUV guys~

At last, we managed to find a big car for us to rent. Thanks Allah, we’ve got a Perodua Alza for the day. Credits to Aiman (the second diver) & Shuhada (the MAIN driver). We heading off to Putrajaya after we finished our class at 2 pm.

This time around, we gonna pull it through really hard. We really prepared well. I as the Director cum ‘GPS’ of the day, has make sure everything were well-prepared. The video camera’s battery has fully charged, the scripts were nicely printed, the story board, the crews and last but not least the major elements of the day: Luqman & Qila (our dearest host & hostee)

there’s must be a strong chemistry between you guys~auw

Oh, before I forget, the first place that we shoot the video was at our very own… DECTAR. Yes, its all according to our story board. After having some sort of constructive quarrelsome with Qila, we’ve come up with this brilliant story board. Frankly speaking, it was fun and at the same time challenging working with her. Although we had a few disagreements in certain parts, but we do let ourselves to give it a little wise thought before make it to the final. Qila was tremendously creative in this brainstorming session and the other team mates were also had given their great help in this video making process. I love working with them as we understand each other well and do our assigned tasks well. Let me just show you our video story board. I’ve made colorful so that it will be more interesting to look at and ultimately to follow it rite?

SPAQL’s story board~

It was really hot to hang out outside. We just cannot stand the glaring sun and the powerful heat of the day. We were sweating profusely, especially Lokman (poor you…).

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
err…but the sun really burnt me away~help…umbrella pls…

Although it was really hot, but we determined to finish off the shooting on that day. Lokman & Qila was ready with their lines. Qila looked cute on that day same like yesterday and the day before. Lokman looked a bit anxious, maybe it was his first time to be a host for a video. Its ok Lokman, you gonna kick the show off! Aiman was ready with her videocam. Same with Asri who always carry along the camera to snap some pictures. Shuhada as the driver for the day cum the make-up artist. Then, we started our very first scene against all the heat.

they were practicing really hard to memorize all the correct lines and proper gestures to apply ~

After finished off with the first scene, we just drove straight to the second place which is Masjid Besi. We took some pictures that depicted the magnificent  structure one of this ‘rumah Allah’. We were still amazed with the well-built of the masjid although this was the second time we’ve been here.

Subhanallah~what a beauty view

During this scene, both of our host & hos-tee need to repeat their lines as the result was not that we’re expected. Their voices were not loud and clear enough to be put in our video. So, I’ve nicely asked them to to it again and again and again until we all satisfied with the results. Though it was quite frustrating to do it all over again, neither of us felt the burden nor tensed and ironically, we really got ourselves enjoyed in every scenes filming.

We’re discussed and laughed out loud together. This is what people called teamwork, in our case… it was a stupendous team works~

serious time! both me & Qila were discussing about the storyline and all that~

the ‘belaking tabir’ crews standing in front of the Masjid Besi~I wonder where’s Lokman & Qila?

Next stop was Alamanda. It was not for shopping purposes for sure. Hold it back girls~

We had our second lunch at McD. Everyone seems starving and exhausted. I bet, it was not totally because of the video shooting though. It’s because we over laughing when we’re filming scenes at Masjid Besi. Nevermind, we were always like that and that’s why we made a great team mates~

Besides, the videocam’s batteries were worn out. We need to charged them for awhile at the McD during we had our hearty lunch. We did took quite numbers of photos as it was not really accommodating for us to filming since there were huge crowd of people at the mall. Unfortunately, we just unable to insert those pictures in our video since the time limit was 8 min. and the max would be 10 minutes.

After we had our lunch and the batteries were fully charged, we headed off to the Taman Botani. I was quite used with this place as me and my family quite often spending our spare time together here at this park. I used to cycle with my little brother around this wonderful park. That’s why we decided to filming on that. Unluckily, because of the time constraints, we were just too late to rent the bicycle I was totally convinced that we just unable to catch with the time in order for us to filming the cycling session. But, it was all ok. We can always shoot another scenes and took a few momentary pictures right guys?

This Botanical Garden is an awesome recreational park and its one of the must-visit place at Putrajaya. According to the information that we gathered, it was also called ‘ City in the garden’ since it consist of eight major parks in the city. That was really cool! The undeniable greenery scenery and plus with the superb man-made lake were another bonus points for the pleasant and tranquility environment at this park. Definitely, we did enjoyed ourselves to the fullest like always~puft puft~

SMILE everyone!!!! go go go SPAQL!

Then we rushed to the Pullman for the sunset view scenes. Unfortunately, we just err…err… quite late again this time. It’s okeh… nobody can blame the sun for setting a bit too early or a bit too late rite?

Now, the day getting dark. It was Maghrib time already. We need to find a place for us to pray and what was it again guys? Yes! to have our dinner together. So, we just shot to the Taman Warisan. Although I was quite familiar with Putrajaya, but it seems like there were not many makan places here at this city. Taman Warisan would be quite nice to continue shooting the video and at the same time have our dinner also.

After we had our dinner and shoot for  several scenes there, we decided to drove back to UKM. It was really tiring day ever, but  wait…we still have one last scenes that need to be shoot in front of the our very own  Faculty. Yes, Qila & Lokman we still not finished the shooting yet~

Right after the final scene was shot, we bid farewell to each other and drove back to our respective colleges. All I can say, IT WAS REALLY A HECTIC DAY EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE~

I can’t even opened my eyes even though I was still in the car. All my body felt like aching and seems like my legs can be tear off at any possible time. Indeed, although maybe it sounds pretty cliche but it was really an exciting and thrilling adventures moment for all of us. We laughed till we cry, we worked till our hands and legs worn out, we spent our money and time like there will be no tomorrow yet THIS WAS REALLY AWESOME JOURNEY guys. I will never be able to forget all of those moments although if I try to, it just because it was really fun and meaningful me. If I may say, THIS WAS A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE and money can’t buy those good time that we had together.

That was the part that I liked the most in surviving through this GE2143 course of Educational Technology. It’s not we can only gain as much knowledge and skills in technology, it was also about making us learn how to become more independent learners through activity like this. What else I can say, U ROCK Edu. Tech!!!~jyeahhhh

p/s: Big credits goes to all of us the SPAQL’s group for our hard work and commitment in order to make a good video later. It was an awesome moments working with all of them. Thanks guys and please give a clap on your back also.

p/ss: I bet our soon-to-make video would be a big hit.ahah.just wait and see~weeeeeeee

That’s it for now.

Cheerios fellas!!!

Opps!!! for this time I would prefer to say…

Adiós por ahora

EIGHT : It’s Sunday, and its a Video Making Workshop


It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I’ve got class. It was so frustrating because I cannot spend my precious morning since I’ve to wake up early like the weekdays. But still, it was for  a good reason I bet. It’s a Adobe workshop day which I will be exposed to the usage of it that will be a real great help in producing a magnificent video later on.(hope so =))

I’ve been waiting for it since the last workshop (which is the day before) for ages and I am fully charged for the challenge.JYEAHHHHH

wait up! here I come Makmal Komputer 1

Again =(

I woke up really early that morning. So enthusiastic about what we’re going to learn for today workshop. Sadly, after waited for about an hour, the bus didn’t even bother to show up. I was so tensed and praying hard that the bus will quickly arrived so that I will be in the class before it started. I don’t want the same thing happened yesterday happen today. Only after one hour and 15 minutes that I was waited at the bus stop then only the bus arrived.Thanks God, I will not be late for this time. Phewwww…what a relief!!!

Today class will be conducted by En Helmi. He did explained the basic things about the Adobe  . For this time, we’ll be expose to the Adobe Premier. According to him, this is the latest version of Adobe. Luckily enough the faculty have provided that program for us, students of Educational technology to used it for our project.

Unlike yesterday, I do have a little bit of knowledge regarding this stuff. I have used Movie Maker before this for my micro teaching purposes as I have to edit part of the video. I was glad that today I will be expose more about this stuff. I love video editing like :

After he finished off the briefing about what Adobe Premier can provide us with, from the simple tiny thing till to the extreme effects, I’ve already excited to start doing it on my own. Truthfully, I was WOW-ed by those amazing effects of Premier as compared to the last version. Movie Maker is no match for it.hahaha…that was something cool to know.

En Helmi has provided us with a short video for us to look at it first and then try to identify and analyze the effects used in the video. It was a good example i must say. it has loads of effects that makes it looks professional and enjoyable to watch. Then, we learnt how to insert the song and the audio for the video. It was pretty tough for me and the whole class to grasp the skill and techniques. Fortunately, En Helmi was kind and considerate enough to repeat the points until all of us managed to follow the instruction. I must say he is so patient and calm enough in dealing with us. Thank you En Helmi.

Again, in this video making, I also learnt about layering like I did in the Photoshop class. But this time, it was more technical as we need to bear in mind there will be audio, songs description and what not that need to be take into consideration. Well, technically its about compiling many short videos in becoming a longer and at the same time interesting one. Me and my group members were so into that process. We did learnt a lot in order to make a good video later. It was really enjoy and fun doing the activity together as one team. We shared our skills, information, ideas and creativity in order to produce a good video. All of us need to try it, and since the computer lab didn’t provided enough software for all computers, thus, we have to share.

After we had our lunch, we continue the class with the new thing that I’ve ever heard.

It was called ‘Soundbooth’.

Sounds cool isn’t?

According to him, this is the recent version of recording the sound. It was super duper amazing and worth to spend time just to explore it. It has a lot of benefits and tools that is excellent for our video production. Yes, based on our group discussion together with En Helmi, recording the sound is not a big deal. The big problem would be on how to insert the keyframe thingy which is very new for me and the whole class. That is why, En Helmi need to repeat how to use it properly. The next problem would be when we want to slow down the background music at the certain point in the video. Surely, it needs great care and skills on how to deal with it.

Although according to my team mates, the Soundbooth is way too complicated than the old version, I still in the opinion that it is great in producing good sound effect for our video. Maybe we can give it a try when we make the video soon. Just have to wait ya =)

Credits to Dr Rosseni, En Helmi and that kakak who was kind enough to provide us with her Adobe Photoshop Module *sorry I just can’t recall your name*

room for improvement:

1) hope Dr Rosseni would be able to make the class during weekdays since there will be huge problem with the transportation issue. sorry Dr, it was just my opinion an suggestion for future.

2) allocate more time, let say half of the day for this kind of class as we don’t really managed to cover all the aspects in this limited time frame.

Until then.

Bye Bye


Cheerios fellas,

SEVEN : Photoshop Banner

see you again =)

ok, on 21st of April 2012 (yeah its on Saturday fella) we had a Photoshop workshop with En. Faisal at Makmal Komputer 1.

The class started at 9, but I only managed to get there 15 minutes after that. Its not me to be blame. Well, its the B.U.S. yeah! you read it well. its the bus which came late, and I have nothing to do to fix the problem. But, never mind… the class has not started yet as there were a few numbers of other students who cannot make it on time too. But, this is not something that I will advocate in future ; being late for class is something that I must avoid.

Enough with the bus and all that, now let me tell you something that is more interesting.

Guess what?

What fellas?

Yessss!! i will tell you about the Photoshop thingy and how I deal with those kind of stuff.

Well, to tell the truth… I am soooooo not that editing-type-of-person.

I don’t know why, but I always have this kind of impression that editing a picture is just a waste of time. Why do we bother to alter, modify and put some effects just on one picture. As for me, if you want your picture to look good…what you have to do is just snap an excellent one.don’t waste time on editing it later.

That was before i have learnt about Photoshop during the session.

Now, everything seems to be changed. Yes. I have to admit that Photoshop is COOL>>>

Basically, my knowledge about the Photoshop is very limited. My little sister used to brag about her ‘magical touch’ on her collection of pictures. Which is, she used the Photoshop or Picasa to edit her pictures to look nice and professional. I was not so in to it. Even when she was too anticipated to teach me how to used that editing tools. I am really confident that I will never get involved with that kind of editing stuff. Just wait until now…

unfortunately, for this semester definitely have to learn all about the pictures editing  process and of course, the Photoshop. We’ll see what is going to happen when me dealing with the skill that I have it the most until I’ve fallen in love with it at last.

At first, when En Faisal explaining all the basic skills and tools that were useful to be used in editing the pictures later… I was totally lost.

errr… En Faisal, could you please repeat how to use that?

Indeed. I was so dumbfounded when he kept on explaining the purpose of certain kind of tools. En Faisal was not the one that I have to blame. Maybe he was quite a bit fast when showing us how to do this, how to do that. I wished that he will slow down a bit, so I can digest the gist of the skills an techniques in editing a picture. But that was not the main reason why I had the difficulties in that part, as for me, its just that I have set in my mind that I don’t like this kind of thing and I will never like it. So, I was really struggling to death.

Anyway, I’ve tried to catch up everything that I’ve managed to grasp. Maybe because there were a lots of confused and blurred expression clearly written on our faces, En Faisal slowed it down a bit. Phew…I was really thankful for that. Thanks En Faisal for your ultimate understanding.

At first, he introduced us with several types of tools like lasso, magic wand, stroke, and all that. Since i have ZERO knowledge regarding all this, I’ve tried to give my 110% attention for his explanation.

Then, I did try to used all that kind of tools on my own. The very first task that we need to do was cropped the subject from picture A. Mind you, it must be perfectly cropped. Otherwise, it will looks fake and of course sloppy. At first, I’ve used the lasso tool to crop. But then, after several frustrating attempts, I’ve decided to use the magnetic lasso in stead. Surprisingly, it was way too easier to crop the picture using that tool. The trick is that, the magnetic lasso will be detecting the sensitivity of the similar color blending of the subject. And the best part is, it will automatically moving along with the lines of the subject that we intended to crop later on. I was so thrilled when I managed to crop the penguin successfully from the original picture.

Next, we learnt how to layer several pictures to become one excellent piece of art. Yeah, I did tried to layer or in simple words combine the penguin standing at the hot desert of Sahara. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the picture so I can’t show it here.

Before this, I have never realised that editing a picture will be really nice and somehow plays a vital role in this era of technology. En Faisal told us about the advantages of it and showed us several masterpiece example. I was really blown away with the effects and all that used by the professionals.

Then, after a brief explanation and demonstration about the effects that Photoshop can do, he had asked us to try out ourselves. Again, at first I’m in big trouble. Luckily, after getting some help from my friends and En Faisal himself, I managed to make it happened. I have used some of the effects like blurr effect and have some feather effects. I’ve learnt how to make  the background blurred, so that the subject can be really outstanding in the picture, how to make the picture looks really old like in 60’s (eventhough the picture was captured recently)and all that.  It was really fun and without really noticing it, I was quite got carried  away when I was doing that part of editing.Haahahahaha..

Well, actually this Photoshop workshop was meant to be our basic for us to carry out our next assignment which is producing a header/banner for our very own blogs. Plus, this was quite helpful for or major project which is video production as we need to edit some of the pictures taken in order to make it looks real and professional.

Honestly, I am very look forward for this type of classroom activity as the instructor let us to do it by ourselves during the period. So that we will learn it better and have tremendous opportunities to ask questions about it right away. This is so hands-on activities that is really suitable for a learner like me who learns best when I do it by myself first before I really understand it.

Last but not least, I did enjoyed this Photoshop class as later I found out that editing a picture is not that terrible. Instead, it was soooo good to have a little knowledge about it as it was quite relevant nowadays in any field.

A paramount thanks goes to Dr Rosseni for making this wonderful yet knowledgeable class. Maybe I can learn this outside, but sure enough it will costs me far more than this free class held by her. Not to forget credits goes to our instructor En Faisal who is willing to share his knowledge with us.

p/s: Dr Rosseni, I really hope that in future there will be free workshop like this. This is so great for us in improving as well as enhancing our skills and techniques in editing. Wish we could spare more time doing that lesson, so that I will be more exposed to the Photoshop thingy.

p/ss: Oh before I forget here is the simple yet required loads of hard works to make Banner’

Take a look please…


Until then.


SIX :Video Shooting

So, this is a whole new day. But, I write something that still closely related to the video shooting that we had at Putrajaya. Without any delay, I’ll just tell more about the ‘absurd’ terms that I’ve mention in my previous post.

Ok, first I did mentioned about the dolly-ing isn’t?

What is dolly actually?

Hah! at first, when En Helmi did mentioned it out loud in the class… honestly I thought it is something to do with the sheep clone.

Baa…baa… black sheep
have you any wool….

Then, it took me by surprise (well at the same time, i really have to admit that I was quite flattered) to learnt that DOLLY has a total different meaning yaw !

According to him, basically there are two types of this particular technique, first: dolly in and second: dolly out. We used this technique if we want to shoot more realistic objects by only  controlling the movement. Its either you make it close or distant.

Yes. I did managed to try it once using En Helmi’s video camera with the tripod. I must say it was cool. I really love the way we move the tripod handle and try to zoom in and out at once. But, according to him, this dolly technique would be SUPER COOL if we could provide the wheeled tripod. All of this because, the technique needs a lot of movements to shoot a video.

its me who was eager enough to try out the ‘Dolly’ effect.
Thanks goodness its not something to do with sheep as i am not an animals lover.

Then, we have PAN-ING.

‘Pan’ is something different from ‘Dolly’. In pan-ing, the camera will move in the horizon state without me moving around. Stand still please. The usual term that closely related to this technique are ‘pan right’ and ‘pan left’. This camera movement commonly used to capture a fast motion of the interested object.

As for me, this was something new. I’ve learnt about zooming and dolly, but this is far more interesting. You’ll be in ecstatic if you could try shooting using this technique. I give you my words. As advised by En Helmi, you’ll have to be creative and thoughtful enough to insert this technique in your video clip as it will be in vain if you overdo it.

Next, what else do we have?

Oh, yes there are ‘Tilt-ing’

Tilting is quite similar with the Pan-ing. What makes they different is that Tilting we do it in vertically motion as opposed to the Pan-ing.

Well, it was also fun when i first tried to shooting using this technique. what else can I say?I was quite amused with the result.The effect was like something that you usually watched in a professional video making.

After that, like always, En Helmi never fail to feed us with the new information about the mobile augmented reality (mobile AR to be short). Again, we have to have at least one Ipad to  access to the ‘Junaio’ apps. This time, it was a little bit different as compared to what we usually did in the Lab Comp 1.

As we are at the outside, at Putrajaya to be precise, thus we were able to see it clearly what is the so-called mobile AR exactly. I managed to detect and find out what are the interesting places that are located nearby my point. That was SUPER DUPER COOL  I must say. It was really helpful if you are in the middle of somewhere (let say when you are travelling) and you don’t have any idea where to go next. All you must have just an Ipad or any equivalent gadget (provided with the internet connection ya =))and proper apps, then you’ll yourself a massive brilliant suggestions where to kick off next. It will makes your day easier yet wonderful I tell you.

Wonder how does mobile AR looks like?

Check it out fellas:

Definitely, you’ll rock my travelling experiences ~Oh mobile AR

Everyone was like in chaos to get a chance to try it themselves. It was hilarious and something definitely not-to-be-forgotten by any of us. All of sudden, Dr Rosseni and the rest of the instructors were like in dumbfounded to see us (except for Kak Lin’s group members) acting like school children running over free ice cream.

Aha! of course I’ll make sure myself that am the FIRST to get my hands on the Ipad. hahahahah I’m monster when it comes to something like this.

jyeahhhhh!!! I’ve got it first.
well, err wait up.again where to click Mun-chan?

Because of that, I really hope that the faculty would provide more equipment like camera, tripod, video camera, microphone, Ipad (hopefully in future) and stuffs, so that, we will definately acting like children who are fighting over free foods.(well, it was just my makeup analogy. nothing to do with something else ok.)

En Helmi was really occupied with the vid cam and at the same time try really hard to demonstrate how to do the ‘Pan-ing’ and ‘Tilt-ing’

Well, I think its all for now. Will be back with more in my next post.


FIVE : Putrajaya Outing (the sequal)

Salam and hi,

Ok. this is the continuation part of the previous post about the field trip to Putrajaya.

PART 1 (Photography session)

As everyone and everything was settled down, we started the day with a brief from En Faisal. He was in charged in explaining and demonstrating us using the camera. You gotta be kidding me right? Everyone knows how to use one. But, actually… this is the real one. I mean the DSLR camera plus using it with the manual setting. Yes! its manual guys.

errrr…how to use it?somebody help me out.

Well, to tell the truth… that was not my first time using that kind of camera with the manual setting. In fact, I have taken the Photography course when I was in first year. Yes, I have to hand in my best shot for the Festival Seni 2011 at Panggung Seni. Wanna see my best picture that was chosen to be displayed for the public during the whole event? Here you’ll have it;

hello world.~

But, that doesn’t really helpful as I was totally blank how to apply all the theories into a real hands on activity.

As, En Faisal told about the basics and several rules in taking pictures, slowly I kinda managed to recall some of the techniques to be used in capturing an excellent picture. There is thing like rule of third. What exactly is rule of third? Here, take a look at this picture and try to compare it with the common-seen pictures ok.

yeah! you got it right. its the rule of third fellas.

Well, basically… this kind of rule is very well known principle of photographic composition. As according to En Faisal, to successfully employing this technique is when we are required to imagine breaking the images down into third, both horizontally and vertically (so that you will have 9 boxes) as follow;

try to imagine the 9 boxes on your LCD viewfinder

Then, he told us to with this grid in mind the ‘rule of thirds’, now identifies four important parts of the image that you should consider placing points of interest in as you frame your image. The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally.

Unfortunately, I just can only grasp the theory. But, when it comes to the practical part I’ll definitely having serious difficulties. Maybe I need a lot more of practices I guess.

Then, En Faisal also told us on how to control the light, the use of aperture, should we increase or decrease the speed of light so on and so forth. That was really cool as I’ve kinda reminiscing the photography lesson that I took a year ago. Maybe I was not very good in this yet, but sure enough, I’ll be taking this seriously.

I can do it! hoyeahhhhh

Next, En Faisal asked us to try and take several good shot using the basic techniques. Although, I am quite reluctant to give it a try, due to the unbearable whether condition (its raining like there will be no tomorrow), but I managed to force myself at last. With some helps from the instructor and friends, I managed to take this as my first experiment;

its not as good as the other, but I did showed some effort right?

After finished off the shooting in front of Ministry of Finance, we heading off to the mighty Masjid Besi located at Precint 2. This was the first time I set my foot in the masjid. I’ve been to Masjid Putra quite often, but Masjid Besi is something new for me. At first, I was fascinated with the awesomeness of the dome design structure and the huge amount of iron that were being used to build it up. Then, what is so special about this masjid, it has no air-conditioner or even fan at all. Why? this is because it use the latest technology of district cooling system. That was really cool i think. How does Masjid Besi looks like?

the front view of the wonderful masjid

Now, see the sneak peak of the inside view of the masjid. Are thrilling enough guys? Here you go.

it feels really calm and tranquil the moment you step into this Masjid Besi.

PART 2 (Video shooting)

After we had our nasi goreng ayam and solat Asar at Masjid Besi, we resuming the session with video shooting conducted by En Helmi and his assistant En Yusuf.

Although En Helmi had taught us a lot about the theory during the past few weeks, now its time for us to put it together into practical. I’ve learnt tremendously about the various types of techniques and tricks in shooting a video. There are something like dolly-ing, pan-ing, tilt-ing and zoom-in/zoom-out.

Wait. what’s going on now? what with this alien-high tech-terms?

OK. lets me explain it more in the next post. you’ll be more anticipating to know more about the video camera movement once you are going to shoot a video guys!

As for now, its time for me to get some sleep…

Cheerios fellas!!!

good nite world~~

FOUR : AN OUTING TO REMEMBER… (Putrajaya here we come!!!)

HI, last several Fridays we (all the Teslians Year 2, of course) went to Putrajaya with Dr.Rosseni and not to forget Mr. Helmi. This time around, on our very own first class-trip it will also accompanied by Dr.Rosseni’s son, Mr. Faisal. Mr. Faisal was fully in charged with the photography session. according to the initial plan, we were expected to be arrive at Putrajaya at 3pm. But, due to the certain unavoidable reasons, its not going to happened. We were really late. Unlucky us, as soon as we reached at Putrajaya, of all sudden, the whether seems does not at our sides. Suddenly, the sky seems to turn grey in a blink of eyes. Then, plip plop plip plip plop…it’s raining!!!
ps: run for your shelter guysssss!!!

run!!! for your shelter guysss!!!

We were certainly felt remorse as it was raining like cat and dog at that day. To tell the truth, we were very anticipated to start the photography session. But, still we will always have a plan B. So, Mr. Faisal has decided to go and take a few pictures at the gigantic building of ministry of Finance (MOF) located at Precint 3. We were expecting for something that is related to the nature like the photography session at the gardens, lakes and all that. But, its ok. As long as there is a roof at the mega structure-government’s building it will always be alright for us.

CHEERSSSSSS guys! pray hard that the rain will stop soon.


Hi there,
yes it is already week 3. Things are getting really heat up as everybody seems very occupy with the stacks of assignments. As for me, its not really that cramped. Alhamdullilah…everything looks like normal to me. Of course I also have tasks to do, but still I’m in control of it.

Okeayhh… lets get down to business. This week around, in this class of GE2143, we proceed with the very intriguing topic. The MOBILE BLOG or better known as MBLOG.

Yeah, you read it right. It is called MBLOG (no, it is not COOL BLOG). Yet, it is truly engaging like when you have your very own chocolate COOL BLOG. Trust me!

I want this!

How to start MBLOG? That is the big question. Ok. What you will need to start mobile blogging is, of course:

Oh. This is the very first time I managed to touch or even play with the super-cool Ipad! I was soooooo….pleased and excited way beyond words can described. I was really thrilled with those anticipating icons and apps I have never seen before. I was like a little girl getting her first pink dress (if i can ever describe it in a good way). In fact, all of my classmates seem really stimulated with the awesomeness of the gadget.

Then, we were divided into several groups. And of course, I belong to the ‘gila-gila’ group. In this fantastic group we have Qila aka Mun-Chan (she really hates this name as much as I enjoy called her with this cute name), Luqman (Tyra Banks wannabe foster-son), Aiman (always busy like a bee JAKSA), Peng (the never-ending-giggling chick), Asri (the true ‘Kedah’ian speaker) and me. And I admit it that this is the most disastrous group members you can ever imagined. But, mind you. Although we look like a monster and act like a silly… in no doubt that we are fully capable of doing great works and perform it well. Trust me, its proven though. I’m personally happy and satisfied with this group. Later we were informed that we will stick to this group throughout the whole course.

href=””>the awesome food hunters[/caption]

Next, the instructor had asked us all to get into our respective group and discussed on the mega upcoming project. The ULTIMATE VIDEO MAKING (can’t wait). First we were asked to find a suitable group’s name. After a massive laughter and friendly quarrel, we had agreed with the SPARKL. Well it is obvious derived from the combination of our first name alphabet. Then, we have decided on doing a short documentary regarding the potential and interesting places at Putrajaya. We named our future video as ‘100 at Putrajaya’. Why we choose Putrajaya? Its simply because of it is the nearest to our place instead of it is full of nice-looking scenery place. Don’t believe it? Take a look of this sneak peak:

Alright, as much as I enjoyed using the Ipad, I still find it quite distracting when to do the mobile blogging. Perhaps, I’m not used to the apps just yet. Using an Ipad is a great thing, but not everyone manage to have it. So, all in all…I personally prefer the old conventional ways of blogging.

Ps: Maybe in future, the faculty should spend a little of their budget on buying this equipment. It wouldn’t cost that much though. Then its would makes things way far easier for the students to keep along with the booming of technology.